Hiiragizawa Eriol and Daidouji Tomoyo are fictional characters from the hit shoujo anime and manga series Card Captor Sakura by CLAMP. He is the incarnation of the powerful sorcerer who created the series' magical Cards, while she is the heroine's best friend who follows her around on video. These two never really interact much in canon, but that did not stop fans from pairing them together—mostly because both are poised, elegant, and regal, and are aesthetically complementary (i.e., they look good together).


This site lists fans all over the world of this pair. If you support any relationship between Eriol and Tomoyo (whether platonic or romantic), do consider filling out the form here and having your name listed as a fan on this site. (The codes to link back with are also there.) You can also view the names of members who have signed up.


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Last updated: 11th March 2019